AP2T specializes in constructing an individualized training program to help athletes reach their maximum potential.  By staying on the cutting edge of technology and sports performance research AP2T has produced a training regimen that aims to condition the body in a way that best suits it for a specific sport.  AP2T takes a holistic approach that strengthens both mind and body by training for strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, power, and injury prevention in an environment conducive to enhancing the mental component necessary to be a champion. AP2T’s sport-specific programs are both research-based and feature the same components as the training regimens performed by elite level athletes and teams all over the world.

Here at AP2T we recognize that a sound athletic performance-training program is nothing without a staff that best understands how to implement it—which is why we feature an incomparable staff to instruct and motivate our athletes to unparalleled success.  AP2T’s highly acclaimed coaching staff features both current and former athletes that have garnered considerable accolades and understand what it takes to be the best.