Advanced Physical and Technical Training offers the following services:


Athletic Performance

AP2T_Training-SpeedAgilityTrainingSpeed, Agility, and Quickness
At AP2T we recognize that today’s athletes are faster, quicker, and more agile than ever before.  Since the difference between the “best” and “the rest” can often be fractions of seconds we at AP2T understand that developing game-changing speed and agility is one of the most important elements of our training regimen. Creating athletes that are strong and skillful is not enough to dominate the competition—which is why AP2T focuses so heavily on the importance of executing sport-specific movements as explosive as possible.  At AP2T you will become a student of linear, lateral, and change of direction technique.  Through detailed instruction that explains the intricacies of elite level running AP2T athletes will improve acceleration, top speed, quickness, and enhance their resistance to injuries commonly incurred during sport running.

AP2T_Training-StrengthTrainingStrength Training

AP2T prides itself on featuring a strength and conditioning program that is second to none.  AP2T is committed to providing each individual student-athlete with the most appropriate exercise regimen to prepare them for their specific sport.  Through the implementation of properly prescribed strength, power, plyometric, speed, endurance, and flexibility exercises we can induce positive gains in holistic wellness, overall fitness and resistance to injury as it pertains to sport.  AP2T creates individualized, sport-specific multi-planer training regimens that aim to induce morphological and neurological adaptations that yield physiological advantage for sport.  Our research-based programs    The Strength & Conditioning program at AP2T aims to train athletes of all levels to gain a better understanding of perseverance, commitment, mental and physical toughness, discipline, leadership, and the skills required to overcome a wide variety of challenges.  AP2T couples a time-tested philosophy with the facility, equipment, and coaching staff required for athletes to reach their maximum potential.

AP2T_Training-TechnicalTrainingSport-Specific Technical Training

At AP2T, we recognize that strength and speed will only get you so far in your specific sport.  While both are incredibly important, technique is equally as important.  AP2T’s coaching staff features many coaches that currently work at professional and Division-I collegiate levels.  These coaches’ years of experience and mastery of their specific sport enable them to each proper technique to all of our clients.  All our athletes that participate in sport-specific technical training will be given personalized programs that will enable them to master the technique of their sport.

You are what you eat!  In terms of athletic performance and general fitness, no truer words have been spoken.  AP2T offers customized nutritional programs for every age and every level of athleticism.  Whether your goal is to put on lean muscle or burn fat, AP2T’s professional staff will provide you with the nutritional foundation to help you achieve your goals.



Soccer Training

AP2T_Training-TeamTrainingTeam Training
AP2T offers team training for all ages and levels.  Many of our current coaches work at the professional and Division-I level and all are fully licensed to coach youth soccer teams.  Our coaches have achieved success in both the youth and professional levels, winning State, Regional and National Championships along the way.   Many have advanced coaching certifications as well.  Please email us to find out more about our Soccer Team Training.

Private Training
AP2T helps athletes with their first touch, passing, shooting, receiving, dribbling, speed, understanding defense, and creating offensive.


Football Training

AP2T_Training-FootballTrainingWho is AP2T Football
Our staff has coached and played at the highest levels of youth, high school, college, and NFL which provides the skill and motivation for our players to perform to the best of their abilities.


Lacrosse Training

AP2T_Training-LacrosseTrainingTeam Training
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Field Hockey Training

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Track and Field Training

AP2T_Training-TrackAndFieldComing soon


Combine Training

AP2T_Training-CombineTrainingComing soon


Boot Camp

AP2T_Training-BootCampAP2T is not just for athletes!  We run training sessions for individuals, groups of friends, and families looking to train like professional athletes.  Our training will help you burn calories, tone and firm, improve balance and stamina, and increase your overall health.


Program Design/Consulting

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